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    Emily Allen, Founder at Atyra Bio

    Like other sourcing platforms for professional work in the emerging science-as-a-service arena, Bioinfexperts can help researchers, innovators, and even citizen scientists identify and engage the right experts to work with and analyze health and genomic data. With a bioinformatics expert’s help in tackling the computational, and/or molecular biology challenges in their area of inquiry, investigators can efficiently and robustly address their most important biomedical questions that involve sequencing and other data-intensive inputs.

    Nazar Zaki, Professor and Department Chair, Comp. Science and SW Engineering, UAEU

    I am glad to finally see a platform which reduces the gap between service seekers (biologists and other scientists) and bioinformaticians. I believe this initiative will effectively contribute to the advancements of bioinformatics projects.


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