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    About Bioinformatics Experts

    In a step to help bioinformaticians and those seeking bioinformatics services to get in contact, we have established our freelancing engine. Bioinformatics experts is the first portal of its kind to offer freelancing services in the Bioinformatics domain.

    Pool of Experts

    Bioinformatics Experts embraces professionals with experience in the various bioinformatics areas. Whatever the bioinformatics task that you need help with is about, we are 100% sure that you will find the right bioinformatician at our site.

    Lower Costs

    Having no need to hire full-timers, less salaries need to be covered. Moreover, no offices for the bioinformaticians are needed, no holidays need to be managed, no training needs to be done. All of those factors and many others are omitted when you employ a bioinformatics freelancer to help you with your tasks.


    The expertise of bioinformaticians at Bioinformatics Experts, along with the fact that they work as freelancers with flexible working hours, both factors contribute to a third important one: speed, i.e. finishing the desired tasks consuming as less time as possible.


    If something urgent takes place where an instant support from a bioinformatician is needed, then our bioinformaticians are always ready to back you up.


    Every bioinformatician at Bioinformatics Experts is connected to a network of professionals. Therefore, working with bioinformaticians at our portal will open the gate for new collaborations with other universities, companies, research centers, hospitals, … etc.

    Just Make a Wish!

    If you need a complete and personalized bioinformatics infrastructure your group, analysis pipelines, huge storage capacity, then just contact us and we will guide you to the most efficient, professional and affordable way to build/establish what you need.


    Whether you are already engaged in a job position or not, freelance work can always fit in and be either your main source of income, or an extra one.


    Having the chance to work on various projects with various topics will nourish your experience, broadens your knowledge and keep you updated with the newest hot research subjects.


    Getting in contact with scientists from around the world will grow your network of professionals allowing for greater opportunities on various levels.

    Time Flexibility

    Working as a freelancer releases you from the constraints of having fixed daily working hours. You have the possibility to work anytime, any day, even during the weekend.

    Workplace Flexibility

    One of the advantages of being a bioinformatician is that one does not always need physical existence at the work place. Work from your home with scientists from Mauritius island, Beijing or simply anywhere.

    Extra Privileges From Us!

    More exciting and intriguing opportunities await bioinformaticians who join us at Bioinformatics Experts. Register now to learn more about the surprises we have in store for you!