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    Our Profit Is Yours

    Bioinformatics Experts is offering all of its revenue To You for a period of one year.

    Overseas freelancing jobs to market our platform are now available.

    What should you know before starting to market

    Who are the potential customers?

    They are scientists and researchers who need bioinformatics services in their research. A potential customer who needs help in a bioinformatics related task, will post the task on seeking help from the available bioinformatics freelancers. Usually, scientists and researchers who work in the following domains will most probably need bioinformatics support:

    • High throughput sequencing:

    • DNA-seq
    • RNA-seq
    • Chip seq

    • Omics

    • Proteomics
    • Genomics
    • Epigenomics
    • Metapolomics
    • Transcriptomics

    In addition to many other areas.

    What should you focus on when marketing to scientists?

    Focus on telling them the following:

    • Creating an account on is totally free.
    • Posting a task is totally free.
    • There are no hidden costs.
    • After creating an account, the scientist can contact any bioinformatician on the site through bioinfexperts’ private messaging system and ask them questions and seek their help.
    • Paying freelancers through is done via paypal (one of the most secure payment gateways).
    • Money refund is guaranteed in case of dissatisfaction with the bioinformaticians’s work.

    What will you get as a marketing freelancer?

    Suppose you convinced a scientist named Kevin to join Then for all the projects that Kevin will post on in the future, you will be getting 100% of the net profit for every project.

    What is the net profit?

    For every project posted on our site, divides the project budget as follows:

    • 5% is reserved for site expenses
    • 85% is transferred to the freelancer
    • 10% is the net profit

    Till when you will receive 100% of the net profit of the posted projects?

    We are planning to apply this for a period of one whole year, with the ability to extend afterwards.

    How would you receive the 100% of net profit?

    • Paypal transfer: We will handle the expenses of transferring the money to your paypal account.
    • Bank transfer, we will handle the expenses of transferring the money to your bank account if the amount to be transferred is equal to or greater than 500$.

    Should you work on the projects that you introduce to the site in order to get the profit?

    No, You will get the profit whether you work on the project or it is assigned to another bioinformatician. Let’s explain it more clearly with the following example:

    You introduced a scientist named John to Suppose that John posted a project on the site. Two scenarios may exist:

    • First scenario: another bioinformatician will do the project, in this case:
      • 85% of the project budget will be transfered to the bioinformatician
      • 5% of the project budget is reserved for site expenses
      • 10% (which is the 100% net profit)  is reserved for you.


    • Second scenario: you are assigned do the project, in this case:
      • 95% of the project budget is reserved for you (85% + 10%)
      • 5% of the project budget is reserved for site expenses

    This applies to all the projects posted by John for a period of one year.