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    • Ali Kishk Research Assistant 0 reviews
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Neural Networks
    • Python
    • Sequence Alignment
    • Shell Scripting


    Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Machine Learning

    I am Data Scientist in Bioinformatics, Systems Pharmacology & recently in Computational Chemistry through self-learning, academia & Industry Hackathon. I had trained in IBM hackathon in Malarial resistance. My recent work concerning Malaria resistance involved network analysis for pre feature selection for Machine learning. Also I participated as researcher assistant in “Introduction to Bioinformatics course” that taught me how to teach Bioinformatics I joined recently the postgraduate studies in Drug Design & Discovery in Faculty of Pharmacy-Cairo University. My main focus lies in the field of Systems Pharmacology where I can find new pathways or new side-effects of a FDA-approved drugs without the 1.2-Billion-dollar system on clinical trials on a new drug. Recently I am learning Deep learning from Coursera. My main programming Languages are R & Python.


    Informatics Master student

    Biological background:


    Programming skills:

    Python, R , Shell

    Past & ongoing projects:

    Malaria Resistance prediction

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    • Country: Egypt