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    • Sergey Kolchenko Bioinformatitian & Data Scientists 0 reviews
    • Gene Expression Analysis
    • Machine Learning
    • R
    • RNA-seq


    Three years of NGS data analysis (WGS and rna-seq), including SNP and indel calling (familiar with all main tools for WGS data, including samtools, pysam, bowtie2), analysis of differential gene expression (using R packages limma and DESeq2), phylogenetic analysis (including dated phylogeny with BEAST software), network analysis, population genetics and statistics.
    Proficient in statistics – all main statistical tests, FDR, multiple hypothesis testing, regressions.
    Experienced in machine learning, data analysis (including image processing), data visualization.
    Programming languages: R, Matlab, Python.
    Experienced in high-performance parallel computing


    Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Applied Maths and Physics | Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

    Biological background:

    Molecular biology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, molecular phylogenetics

    Programming skills:

    R, Matlab, Python;
    Parallel computing;
    Bash, Linus;

    Past & ongoing projects:

    System biology of M.tuberculosis;
    Phylogenetic analysis of M.tuberculosis;

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    • Hourly Rate: 15.00
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    • Experience: 3 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: 0.00
    • Country: Russia