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    I’m a Bio-engineering graduate from the masters program at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) and I’m currently working as a doctoral student for the Instituto de Investigaciones Biotecnologicas (at the Universidad de San Martin in Buenos Aires). Throughout my academic career in Lausanne and Buenos Aires I’ve always gravitated towards IT driven projects that required careful analysis of large datasets to make sense of biological phenomena.

    The dialogue between molecular biologists and analysts is critical for accelerating the pace of discovery and both have a lot to contribute to each other. Over these last two years I’ve had the pleasure of working as the bioinformatics specialist for an international team at the IIB on a variety of proteomics driven projects at the interface between high throughput experimental approaches, traditional molecular biology and in-silico analysis including high throuput protein structural predicition, phylogenetics and distant homology searching.

    Our search for the proteins involved in cellular fusion has driven us towards analyzing complex phylogenetic relationships created by horizontal transfer events of a particularly cryptic group of proteins. The interplay between eukaryotic evolution and viruses has become a new found passion of mine. 


    Bachelors in Life sciences: EPFL, Lausanne CH
    Master in Bioengineering: EPFL Lausanne CH
    Doctorate : Ongoing at the IIB (UNSAM Buenos Aires AR / Lausanne CH )

    Biological background:

    Experience with high throughput experimental techniques including microfluidics, Mass spec and FACS. I've also worked on projects involving traditional molecular biology techniques like PCR, spectrophotometry

    Programming skills:

    I'm well versed in python with extensive experience using the Numpy/scipy/matplotlib stack, machine learning using scikit learn, data acquisition using pandas, ipython, biopython, pymol and scaling applications with various multiprocessing libraries.

    I've also contributed to projects in Matlab for data visualization and machine learning.

    I also have some experience with Java and C++ but mostly in an academic context.

    Past & ongoing projects:

    Bachelors project: Contributed Matlab code to the EPFL metabolomics project ORACLE.

    IGEM competition project: Characterization and modeling of a photoinducible transcriptional promoter in mammalian cells

    Masters Thesis: High Throuput promoter characterization in E.Coli using microfluidics and graph analysis for the LBNC at the EPFL.

    Doctoral Thesis: Searching for and characterizing the proteins involved in gamete fusion during sexual reproduction at the IIB at the UNSAM.

    Our last publication on the subject can be viewed at

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