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    • Hadi Parsa Bioinformatician 0 reviews
    • DNA-seq
    • Gene Expression Analysis
    • Protein Engineering
    • Python
    • R


    • Highly motivated Bioinformatician with solid background in Clinical Medicine and Health Care system 
    • Practical Knowledge of software design, Python, R, Pearl, Java, and UNIX shell programming, and database management system
    • Solid experience in next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis, protein domain, motif and profile analysis, structural bioinformatics, virtual screening, and gene expression data analysis
    • Broad software and computer knowledge; skillful in SAS, Minitab, MS. Office, VBA programing in MS. Excel and query reports using Ms. Access and SQL
    • Experienced in working with large biological databases and AWS/Cloud computing platforms
    • Laboratory experience in Medical Biotechnology; cancer cell research labs
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    M.D. , Doctor of Medicine
    M.Sc. , Medical Biotechnology
    B.Sc. , Bioinformatics and Computational biology

    Biological background:

    Medical Biotechnologist, Computational biologist

    Programming skills:

    Python, R, VBA
    Familiar with Perl, JAVA, C and Unix shell programming

    Past & ongoing projects:

    Past projects titles:
    1- Study the Effect of Medical Ozone – Induced Cell Death, in Human Cancer Cell Line Mediated by TNF-α
    2- Data-driven generation of disease-gene association network and its comprehensive analysis
    3- An agent-based system for structural motif mining with applications for molecular medicine

    Jobs done in present working area:
    • Engineered and designed single domain antibodies by computational modelling, virtual screening, protein structure analysis and target docking
    • Constructed analysis pipeline by programming Python, Perl and R scripts to analyze next-generation sequencing (NGS) of phage display libraries to support antibody discovery.
    • Conducted comparative genome and transcriptome analysis of RNAseq data to elucidate novel antibody targets

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    • Hourly Rate: 48.00
    • Rating:
    • Experience: 5 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: 0.00
    • Country: Canada