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    • Lilit Nersisyan Bioinformatics researcher 0 reviews
    • Algorithms
    • Gene Expression Analysis
    • Java
    • NGS techniques
    • Software Engineering


    I am a Bioinformatics researcher with more than seven years of experience in different fields of bioinformatics/computational biology. I’m doing my research in the Group of Bioinformatics at IMB NAS RA, in Armenia ( 

    I have background in biology and in Computer Science, which allows me to look at both the biological and algorithmic sides of the problems. 

    I have experience in gene expression data analysis, signaling pathway analysis and NGS data analysis. Our research is mainly focused on systems biology analysis of pathway signal perturbations and on using computational methods to perform research on telomere biology. I’m involved in both research and software development. 

    To see my publications, you may follow this link: 

    To see the software developed by me and my team, you may follow this link: 


    Master's in Computer Science,
    Master's in Biotechnology
    Bachelor's in Biology (Biophysics)

    Biological background:

    Molecular and cellular biology, biophysics, genetics

    Programming skills:

    Java, R

    Past & ongoing projects:

    Telomere bioinformatics
    Differential gene expression analysis
    Signaling pathway analysis
    Software development for NGS, Gene expression data analysis and Pathways
    Protein structure modeling (Past)

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    • Hourly Rate: 40.00
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    • Experience: 7 years
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    • Country: Armenia