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    • Xiaoqing Rong-Mullins Bioinformatician 0 reviews
    • Algorithms
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    • Python
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    I provide bioinformatics research services including data analysis and interpretation, developing algorithms for decision making based on large bioinformatic datasets, experiment design, grant and manuscript writing. My extensive wet-lab experiences in molecular biology and commercializing biopesticides from my PhD research enable me to (1) design experiments and algorithms and interpret data in a biologically meaningful and statistically valid way, (2) troubleshoot wet-lab procedures of generating bioinformatic data, (3) incorporate wet-lab data to orient and improve bioinformatics research, (4) understand the process of developing basic biological findings into commercial applications. I consider myself very dependable, organized, rigorous, attentive to details and striving for excellence. I have excellent communication skills in English writing and speaking comparable to native speakers, even though I’m not one. I’m a new freelancer and haven’t fully established credentials here, but I can provide contact information for my references to trusted employers.


    2013. Ph.D. in Plant Pathology. The Ohio State University, United States.

    Biological background:

    High-throughput technology for genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics; molecular biology; microbiology

    Programming skills:

    Julia, Python, R

    Past & ongoing projects:

    Development of analysis algorithm for quantitative PCR.

    Development of prediction algorithm for disease diagnosis.

    Biostatistical analysis for medical and microbial studies.

    Genome-wide association analysis.

    High-throughput gene expression analysis.

    Proteomic analysis.

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