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    • Panagiotis Moulos Bioinformatician 0 reviews
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    Experienced bioinformatician with expertise in several domains of modern bioiformatics including computational genomics, metabolomics and basic proteomics. Special focus is given to modern genomics including the majority of Next Generation Sequencing applications (RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, DNA/Exome-Seq etc.)

    Familiarity with a variety of programming and scripting languages and the use of bioinformatics analysis tools and methodologies with focus on genome bioinformatics: biological sequence analysis, DNA motif analysis, NGS and microarray data analysis, familiarity with biological databases and Machine Learning/Data Mining techniques.


    PhD in Bioinformatics
    MSc in Bioinformatics
    MSc in Applied Mathematics and Physics

    Biological background:

    I have no wet lab experience

    Programming skills:

    Fluent programmin and scripting in R, R Shiny, Perl, JavaScript, Meteor, PHP, Shell

    Past & ongoing projects:


    Bioinformatics insights in the elucidation of Smyd3 as a key player among multiple cancer-promoting genes required for liver and colon cancer development (PMID: 26908355, 27245698)
    Integrative bioinformatics analysis, including handling of big datasets (TCGA consortium), assisting in the discovery of a positive regulatory loop between a Wnt-Regulated, with potential therapeutic properties, non-coding RNA and the ASCL2 gene which controls intestinal stem cell fate (PMID: 27292638)
    Gene expression analysis during the investigation of Set8 as a potential player in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (PMID: 25515659)
    Bioinformatics transcriptome analysis of UUO mouse models in renal fibrosis (PMID: 27189340)
    PANDORA algorithm for systematic integration of RNA-Seq statistical algorithms for accurate detection of differential gene expression patterns (PMID: 25452340)

    SeqCVIBE: an R Shiny application for the analysis, exploration, curation and visualization of big RNA-Seq datasets (manuscript in preparation,
    recoup: an R/Bioconductor package for flexible and reusable visualizations of genomic profiles from Next Generation Sequencing data (manuscript in preparation,
    metaseqR: an R/Bioconductor package for the systematic integration of RNA-Seq statistical algorithms and interactive result reporting (PMID: 25452340)
    The Kidney and Urinary Pathway Knowledge Base (KUPKB) and the KUPNetViz applications for knowledge mining and gene network visualization in kidney disease (, PMID: 23883183, 22345404)
    StRAnGER: Hybrid parametric and non-parametric prioritization and enrichment analysis of Gene Ontology annotations (, PMID: 21293737)
    Gene ARMADA: software for the analysis of gene expression microarray data (, PMID: 19860866)

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    • Country: Greece