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    • sabiha shaik Bioinformatician with NGS and programming expertise 0 reviews
    • C
    • NGS techniques
    • Perl
    • Sequence Alignment
    • Shell Scripting


    I have more than 6 years experience in Bioinformatics research supported by strong publication record. I have completed my Master’s in Bioinformatics and working on my doctoral dissertation. I am well experienced in handling NGS data assembly, annotation and analysis. I also have developed a tool Contig-Layout-Authenticator for ordering and scaffolding Illumina paired end generated contigs. Also have worked on the comparative genomics of strains belonging to four different Sequence Types of E. coli. Proficient in perl scripting and R. Good at designing pipelines then automating them and also in generating tailor made scripts.

    My publications vouch for my experience in handling bioinformatics projects.



    PhD (submitting) Bioinformatics
    M.Tech Bioinformatics

    Biological background:

    B.Tech Biotechnology

    Programming skills:

    Proficient in Perl, python, R, Linux Shell scripting.

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    • Hourly Rate: 30.00
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    • Experience: 6 years
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    • Country: India