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    • Swetali Patel Bioinformatician 0 reviews
    • Machine Learning
    • NGS techniques
    • Perl
    • Python
    • Statistics


    I am Bioinformatician looking to apply my skills for assisting other researchers in their projects and sharpening my skills. 


    BHSc (Biology)
    Post Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics

    Biological background:

    Knowledge and Expertise in -: Genetics, Statistics, Infectious Disease, Population Genetics, Virology, Immunology, Molecular Biology & Advanced Molecular Biology.

    Programming skills:

    - Java, Python, Perl, R & Matlab
    - Bash/Unix and Shell(Linux) scripting
    - Relational Database, MySQL
    - Latex and HTML

    Past & ongoing projects:

    Ongoing -
    Toronto Rehab (University Health Network) / Research Trainee April 2017 – Present, TORONTO, ON
    - A machine learning project that focuses on producing a meaningful multi-view learning in order to derive global features of speech impairment or variation.
    - Furthermore, to automatically and optimally suggest tasks, in a sequence of tasks, in the context of cognitive assessment.

    Past -

    University of Toronto, Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research (Chan Lab) / Bioinformatics Software Developer
    January 2016 - June 2016, TORONTO, ON
    • Developed a software called Cancer Nanomedicine Repository (CNR), based on the Perl, R and SQL programming languages.
    • Wrote R scripts integrated with Perl for statistical analysis which was performed by the software based on user selection.
    • Launched EC2 server for creating a prototype and installed the required stack for further developmental workflow.
    • Ensured accurate data analysis by cross referencing Principal Investigator’s publication data.
    • Final Result – CNR, a nanoparticle delivery efficiency repository, is the first of its kind. It allows researchers across the world to collaborate and share their published data using our database as a common
    • Publication [Acknowledgement] - s201614
    • Link -

    Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network) / Bioinformatics Software Developer January 2016 - June 2016, TORONTO, ON
    • Managed the development of a web based request system for BioBank at Toronto General Hospital using PHP, HTML and MySQL.
    • Consulted BioBank members to analyse and understand their needs as well as their clients’ needs.
    • Engaged and conducted regular meetings with the software development team and BioBank members.
    • Created a user-friendly web-based system that organizes sample processing requests.
    • Final Result - Web interface which allows the BioBank employees and their clients to manage, place orders
    and track progress online. This software has helped the BioBank department stay organized and up-to-date with orders placed by other researchers for obtaining cancer study specimens.

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    • Country: Canada