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    • Vaidyanathan Subramaniam Associate Scientist 0 reviews
    • Biochemistry
    • Cancer
    • Gene Expression Analysis
    • PCR
    • Scientific Writing


    My name is Vaidyanathan Subramaniam and I work as a Scientist in a prominent research facility in Bengaluru, India. I did my Masters in Molecular Genetics from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India and I have earlier worked in many prestigious R&D institutions in India. As a research fellow, I had worked on an interdisciplinary study to elucidate how heat shock proteins can be harnessed to stop cancer progression. As a Technical Officer and Core Facilities In-charge, I have taken on leadership roles in running the Core Facilities comprising of Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry and Advanced Microscopy along with providing scientific inputs and performing administrative duties pertaining to running the facilities. I have gained expertise in the aforementioned areas and have been successful in executing challenging stem cell research projects. I have also imparted technical training to new and experienced PhD and post-doctoral researchers on various research platforms along with good research practices and safe, effective use of research instrumentation.

    Bioinformatics is an integral part of my work and I am pretty adept at using popular tools such as BLAST, ClustalW and its variants, transcription factor binding studies, splice site variations etc. I have extensive knowledge of VectorNTI, HMMR, ChemOffice Suite, AutoDock and many software packages used in flow cytometry and microscopy data analysis. I also have experience in designing shRNAs and knowledge of various genomic and proteomic databases. 



    Biological background:

    Molecular Genetics

    Programming skills:

    Basic knowledge of R programming and Perl

    Past & ongoing projects:

    I am currently working on high throughput flow cytometry data analysis and a few DNA sequencing projects.

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