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    • Zaher Yamak Professional programmer 0 reviews
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Mining
    • Machine Learning
    • Sequence Alignment
    • Software Engineering


    My main power point is designing algorithms to solve bioinformatics problems, or programming existing algorithms.
    My expertise is mainly in the field of sequence alignment. I have already worked on designing webservers for performing multiple sequence  alignments.
    I have strong scripting and programming skills whether to design desktop applications or online webservers.


    I have obtained my bachelors degree in computer science from the Lebanese University.

    I obtained my masters degree in Bioinformatics from the doctoral school of sciences and technology in Lebanon.
    My master thesis can be divided into two parts:
    - Creating two new algorithms in proteins multiple sequence alignment in java language.
    - Implementation of a java web application for proteins sequences alignment in Bioinformatics domain.

    Currently I am a PhD student at INSA Rouen in France.

    Biological background:

    I am a computer scientist who transitioned into Bioinformatics. My knowledge in Biology is humble. Since I have worked in sequence alignment, I have good knowledge about sequences (protein, dna, rna), public databases, alignment softwares and the algorithms they use.

    Programming skills:

    With a programming experience that exceeds 6 years, I can program using almost any language. I am mostly strong in PhP, Java, Perl, C++, C#.

    Past & ongoing projects:

    I worked in collaboration with other colleagues on building webservers for sequence alignment.

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    • Experience: 6 years
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    • Country: France