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    A tale of a scientist: Why are bioinformatics freelancers needed?

    Luis is a biologist working at a lab in Arizona. He recently got engaged in an interesting project in the genetic engineering area:

    Creature A shall be genetically modified by inserting a new Gene into its DNA. This Gene, call it gene X, exists originally in creature B.

    Bioinformatics plays an important role here. Parts of this project can be automated instead of performing them manually; therefore, saving time, effort and money.

    For this given project, bioinformatics tools can be used to:

    • Search for gene X in creature B and get its coding sequence of nucleotides.
    • Design a cloning vector where gene X will be inserted into.

    But Luis has little experience in using Bioinformatics tools. He thought of hiring a bioinformatician, yet it will be hard and inefficient to employ a bioinformatician for a short period of time because of many reasons, some of which are:

    • It might not be possible to find a bioinformatician with the needed expertise living in Arizona.
    • It might be hard to get a bioinformatician to accept an employment contract for a short period.
    • Additional expenses need to be considered when employing a new bioinformatician, in addition to the routine paper work that should be managed.

    Instead of going into all of this hassle, what if its possible to automate this process?

    Following this route, and in search for the right bioinformatician, Luis held his laptop and performed the following:

    1. He navigated to
    2. He clicked on the tab “search for a bioinformatician”
    3. Since Luis needs a bioinformatician having expertise in genetic engineering, he clicked on the category “Genetic engineering
    4. A list of profiles of the bioinformaticians with expertise in the genetic engineeringarea are displayed on the screen.
    5. Browsing through the profiles, Luis chose to contact Dr. Wang, a bioinformatician living in Shanghai, and ask him to do the job.
    6. Luis and Dr. Wang are now working on the project in a shared online workspace.

    As simple as that!

    Luis could have also found the right bioinformatician using an alternative way: he can simply post a project at where he specifies what services he exactly needs to be done. In the next step, bioinformaticians registered at the site will look at the posted project. Those having the required expertise will apply for this project. In a last step, Luis has to choose to whom the job should be assigned.

    At, we are constantly registering trusted and qualified professionals in the bioinformatics field. This online portal helps in making things easier for those seeking bioinformatics services to get what they need, instantly.